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Canning Butternut Squash


Aldi had butternut squash for 59 cents a pound, so I picked up 8 in different sizes. Winter squash is a winner to stock up on, because it lasts for months on your counter. No need to come right home from the store,  and start putting your winter squash in jars. But since I bought so many, and four large heirloom pumpkins to process before Christmas, I decided to get a head start.

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Apple Scrap Cider

This year I discovered how to turn fruit scraps into something special. You can make vinegar, syrup, and jelly by boiling it down and saving the juice. I actually started making apple cider flavored syrup not just for pancakes, but as a binder for granola bars. I made peach syrup a few months ago, and I’m going to make some granola with peach syrup, almond slices and dehydrated peaches. Playing with food is just so much fun, especially when you can turn would-be kitchen trash into treasure.

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Canning Beef Roasts

One of the reasons I can, is to stock up when prices are low. So when I saw beef prices started to rise, I stocked up. Beef sky rocketed at one point, and the only place it’s come back down is at Costco. I’m unsure of what’s going to happen in the near future, so I canned a bunch up for my food storage. While people are most afraid of canning meat, it’s actually the easiest thing to can. I wrote a food column on canning meat with safety statistics proving, it’s safe and easy.

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Refrigerator Pickles

My brother-in-law Greg doesn’t like dill, so he typically passes over the pickles. I make three kinds of pickles, and one of them sans-dill, or so I thought. I brought some to our family camping trip, and bragged I brought dill-less pickles just for him, and they passed his test. But after reviewing my recipe, I realized that while my pickles don’t have dill weed, they do have dill seed. Since he doesn’t have an allergy, not sure if I should come clean, or let him enjoy dill-kissed pickles without him knowing. It’s a pickle of a decision, that’s for sure.

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Peach Peel Syrup

One reason I love cooking, is it’s creative, which is particularly important when you buy produce in bulk. In my blog post, “What Should I Do With All This Produce?” I lay out some creative options for using bulk produce, and I need to update to add the option of fruit syrups. What brings me great joy is making something delicious out of scraps, which would typically be thrown out.

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