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Refrigerator Pickles

My brother-in-law Greg doesn’t like dill, so he typically passes over the pickles. I make three kinds of pickles, and one of them sans-dill, or so I thought. I brought some to our family camping trip, and bragged I brought dill-less pickles just for him, and they passed his test. But after reviewing my recipe, I realized that while my pickles don’t have dill weed, they do have dill seed. Since he doesn’t have an allergy, not sure if I should come clean, or let him enjoy dill-kissed pickles without him knowing. It’s a pickle of a decision, that’s for sure.

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When it comes to canning blueberries, people automatically just think jam and freezing the berries. While I certainly can blueberry jam and freeze the berries too, a good price point on blueberries means I need to think bigger. Home canned pie filling is a fun pantry staple, but I also wanted something less sweet. I was surprised to learn blueberries can be canned in straight up water, which I did too, giving me great versatility. But then I eyed my bag of culinary lavender and decided what a nice paring it would be with blueberries in a light syrup.

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Peach Peel Syrup

One reason I love cooking, is it’s creative, which is particularly important when you buy produce in bulk. In my blog post, “What Should I Do With All This Produce?” I lay out some creative options for using bulk produce, and I need to update to add the option of fruit syrups. What brings me great joy is making something delicious out of scraps, which would typically be thrown out.

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I recently canned meatballs in homemade sauce as an experiment, but wasn’t sure what to expect. I canned in quarts, which means 90 minutes in the canner, so I was afraid they would be very soft and fall apart. I waited a week before opening – I almost held my breath as I waited for the moment of truth. I poured the jar into the bowl – it looked great. But what about texture?

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I’m sure your first question is, why would anyone need to dehydrate frozen vegetables? What’s wrong with keeping them in the freezer? The answer is, a homemaking prepper does both.

Dehyrating frozen vegetables saves freezer space, and just space in general. This quart jar is 2.5 pounds of frozen vegetables in dehydrated form.

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