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Joyfully preparing your home

Sourdough bubbling, seeds and grain popping sprouts, canner sputtering, and ferments brewing – my kitchen is always full of life. Join me as I explore food, and stock my pantry to the brim on a dime, and journey to self-sufficiency for a preserved home.

Home Cooking

Home Cooking

Find easy, delicious homestyle meals using fresh and homemade ingredients. 

Food Preservation


Canning, dehydrating, and fermenting are ways to build nutritious pantry pulls.


Fortify your home with long term food storage and sundries. 

Learn about kitchen equipment, medical herbs, grains and more. 

Dehydrating Pumpkin – Pumpkin Powder

I have two friends who gave me heirloom pumpkins, and I purchased two. All together, I ended up with 15 pumpkins, with...

Canned Turkey and Gravy

Most people love turkey and gravy, but don't get it but a couple times a year. However, with the nifty science of...

Video Link for Cranberry Recipes!

I did a collaboration with the vlogger from Faith's Life! Faith has a great You Tube channel showing viewers how to...

Ways To Use Extra Sale Turkeys

There were rumors flying about a lack of turkeys this year, driving up the price. I don't know what happened in your...

Home Canned Sliceable Cranberry Jelly

Making homemade cranberry sauce is something I look forward to every year. I have made the same whole berry cranberry...

Dehydrating Kale

Every year, I hope for a good deal on a big box of kale. I use this leafy superfood in so many ways - I can, make...

Canning Apple Cranberry Pie Filling

It's not been a good year for apples around here in regards to sales. I've really only seen Gala apples on special,...

How to Stock Your Shelves With Food Supply Chain Issues

I don't talk about issues on this blog which would bum you out, such as supply chain issues, because I would rather...

Homemade Canadian Bacon

Besides the cost savings of making things from scratch, is the advantage of high quality food. Such is the case for...

Dehydrating Yellow Squash and Squash Powder

It's that time of the year I'm trying to put up summer produce, while planning fall holidays and balancing homeschool....

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