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There are some restaurant menu items which always disappoint me, and one of those is Fettuccine Alfredo. I’ll admit, I don’t eat out much, but the times I have the sauce was either sickeningly rich, or tasted like water. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a version that’s full of flavor, but not over the top with cream, butter and cheese. More fat doesn’t always mean more flavor. Even better, the dish is all made in one pot.

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I have been looking forward to strawberry season since February. We have a strawberry farm close to us, and they have animals, and homemade ice cream. I look forward to taking my kids there every year to picnic, pick strawberries, see the animals and buy them ice cream. I was so excited about spring in general, I started making strawberry and spring themed crafts with my Cricut machine.

I decided to make a strawberry themed tiered tray. I embellished the cups, a little sign, jam jar, and made the paper basket and strawberries all with my Cricut!

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I recently canned meatballs in homemade sauce as an experiment, but wasn’t sure what to expect. I canned in quarts, which means 90 minutes in the canner, so I was afraid they would be very soft and fall apart. I waited a week before opening – I almost held my breath as I waited for the moment of truth. I poured the jar into the bowl – it looked great. But what about texture?

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I’m sure your first question is, why would anyone need to dehydrate frozen vegetables? What’s wrong with keeping them in the freezer? The answer is, a homemaking prepper does both.

Dehyrating frozen vegetables saves freezer space, and just space in general. This quart jar is 2.5 pounds of frozen vegetables in dehydrated form.

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Canning is great fun, especially when experimenting with different recipes and flavor combinations. We just canned up some chicken, and I did some test jars of smokey, taco, bbq, Southwestern, and curry chicken. Here are the jars I prepared before filling with chicken.

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