Preserved Home

Joyfully preparing your home

Sourdough bubbling, seeds and grain popping sprouts, canner sputtering, and ferments brewing – my kitchen is always full of life. Join me as I explore food, and stock my pantry to the brim on a dime, and journey to self-sufficiency for a preserved home.

Home Cooking

Home Cooking

Find easy, delicious homestyle meals using fresh and homemade ingredients. 

Food Preservation


Canning, dehydrating, and fermenting are ways to build nutritious pantry pulls.


Fortify your home with long term food storage and sundries. 

Learn about kitchen equipment, medical herbs, grains and more. 

People often look stressed and overwhelmed when starting their plan to prep food and sundries. It’s important to start slow, do what is affordable, and make it an adventure! I’m here to help you find the joy in preparing your home for challenging things which may come your way. My family is on a quest to improve our preparedness by learning new skills, so come along and learn with us! I will be adding more sections to the blog, including freeze drying, gardening, water storage, and maybe even livestock. My expertise is food, so let’s start there! 

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