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I’m sure your first question is, why would anyone need to dehydrate frozen vegetables? What’s wrong with keeping them in the freezer? The answer is, a homemaking prepper does both.

Dehyrating frozen vegetables saves freezer space, and just space in general. This quart jar is 2.5 pounds of frozen vegetables in dehydrated form.

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I’ve decided peaches are now my favorite fruit. I don’t like anything overly sweet, and peaches have just amount of tang to offset the sweetness. Nectarines are pretty similar, and are preferred by my older daughter, because she is adverse to the fuzz. Apparently, she isn’t the only one. Unable to develop a fuzzless peach, the peach industry created a machine to mechanically brush off most of the fuzz. After this, the sale of peaches rose 50 percent. And although Georgia is known as “the peach state,” they don’t have anything on Washington State peaches.

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When I was a little girl, every Valentine’s Day my dad would buy me a box of chocolate covered cherries. One bite, and a soft cherry encased in sweet white filling would come pouring out. You had to plop it in your mouth quickly before making a mess on your shirt. As an adult, I’m enjoying a new version, employing my dehydrator and fresh cherries.

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Dehydrating Frozen Fruit

fruit salad jar

Warmer weather is coming my way, so it’s time to make sure I have plenty of room in my freezer. I still have peaches, strawberries, nectarines, and blueberries from this summer, and need to make some jam and cobbler for the freezer. I just ran out of all my dehydrated fruits except apples, so I decided to try dehydrating frozen fruit. It worked, and in fact, it’s quicker to dehydrate frozen verses fresh fruit, especially blueberries.

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Dehydrate Cabbage

Dehydrated Cabbage

drying time is dependent on how thick or thin you shred your cabbage. Dehydrator Tray with Cabbage When you are done, simply store in a closed container. You can use dehydrated cabbage as a base for casseroles, and an addition to soups or stews. You can rehydrate and saute in butter and salt.

It’s Cabbage Week at Preserved Home! With rock-bottom prices the week of St. Patrick’s Day, you should grab several heads to cook with, and preserve. Cabbages at Aldi this week are 79 cents each – – and that’s for 3 1/2 pounds! Friends, this is how you save money on your budget – – stock up when big sales come about. I have sauerkraut fermenting, cabbage dehydrating, and I have plans to make freezer slaw.  I will be making two cabbage, beef and rice casseroles – – one for dinner and one for the freezer. I also might freeze some cabbage, and compare it to my dehydrated cabbage after rehydration. I’ll be posting recipes for all of these things, so go buy yourself some cheap cabbages!

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