Dehydrate Grapes – DIY Raisins
May 11, 2013
Dehydrating Grapes

My daughter and I have never liked raisins. They are too sweet. But when I got a recent deal on grapes, I decided to try making raisins. My first deal was 99 cents a pound for green grapes at Aldi. My second deal on grapes was twice as good – – 50 cents a pound for red grapes at the farmer’s market. I couldn’t believe the grapes were only 50 cents a pound, so I bought 14 pounds. I froze many of them, made grape fruit leather, and of course raisins. I made both green and red raisins, and I couldn’t taste the difference. Both were delicious, and not overly sweet like the store bought version, which likely contains added sugar. Anna and I finally like raisins!

I’m not going to tell you making your own raisins is going to rescue your grocery budget, but they are delicious, and this is a great way of preserving grapes if you find a good deal. Also, my 8 year-old is always looking for ways to help in the kitchen, and preparing the grapes is a great project for her. To make raisins, all you do is wash the grapes, cut in half, and place on dehydrator trays. Dehydrate at 135 until desired consistency. Besides serving raisins as snacks, I also use them in oatmeal, cookies, and granola bars.


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