DIY Minute Rice
October 24, 2014
Dehydrating Rice

This amount of dehydrated rice feeds 8 people.

Why would I dehydrate rice you ask? My new passion is dehydrated meals – – it’s serious fun. Rice is a wonderful base for these shelf-stable meals.

You could buy store-bought instant rice, but it’s repulsive and expensive. Not a great combo. Home-dehydrated rice is just like fresh cooked after re-dehydration, and it’s extremely inexpensive! I buy my rice in 25 pound bags from Costco, which comes out to be 33 cents a pound.

Rice is one of the easiest things you can dehydrate. I simply double the rice I cook each time I cook some up, and dehydrate half. This is good for meals-in-a-jar, convenience, or for emergency purposes. You should be thinking about storing staples like rice in case of an emergency.

Before dehydration: rice before


After dehydration:

rice after

To dehydrate, just spread cooled rice on dehydrating trays, and set on 135 for about 5 hours. You know it’s done when the rice is crunchy and there is no evidence of water in your rice. Store in jars or vacuum sealed bags.

1 Comment

  1. Joy

    Great piece!
    I really want to try this. Could just boiling water make it ready to eat?
    Then, what if I don’t have a dehydrator but have to make quite a quantity?
    I figure it’d be good for school.


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