Crispy Sweet Potato Chips in the Dehydrator
March 31, 2013

Dehydrated Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potatoes were on sale for 89 cents per three pound bag, so naturally I had to buy several. However, I only bought four bags because I know they will go on sale for probably even cheaper in the fall, so I didn’t want to go wild. Twelve pounds seemed enough for now.

I’m using these sweet potatoes in three ways – – I’m making fries for the freezer, I made sweet potato chips in the dehydrator, and the third way I used these potatoes will revealed be the next blog post, which is the most exciting idea of all three. I can’t wait to share!

I was very excited these chips turned out crispy and delicious – – no raw flavor.  Cut the sweet potatoes as thinly as possible without them falling apart. I used my deli slicer to cut the sweet potatoes, but a knife would do.

Sliced Sweet Potatos

All you do is coat these chips in olive oil and salt, and dehydrate the chips until crispy at 125 degrees, for about 20 hours. Really, that’s it! The chips may not crisp up until they completely cool. My family are enjoying these as a healthy snack.



  1. Crystal

    Did you have to blanch the sweet potato first? I’m just learning about dehydrating, and received a Ronco dehydrator as a gift. I’m not sure what all the prep-steps are for vegetables. Ronco’s instructions talk about Pretreating via blanching. Do you have any advice from your experience you can share?

  2. Jenny

    These look really good and the sweet potato chips are so expensive in the store.


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