Canning Crushed Pineapple
June 9, 2013
Canning Crushed Pineapple

Canned pineapple is something I find to be rather expensive, so I’m always scouting a good deal. The last time pineapples went on sale for 99 cents, I bought several. Normally, I dehydrate and freeze pineapple, and I’ve also canned pineapple chunks. This time I canned crushed pineapple.

The great thing about canning pineapple is no added sugar is needed. When I canned pineapple chunks, I made a very light sugar solution, but with the crushed pineapple, I simply canned the fruit in its own juices. Crushed pineapple is used in cakes, pineapple bakes, for sweet and sour chicken, and many other dishes. Two smallish pineapples yielded five pints of crushed pineapple, bringing each jar to 40 cents each, with no preservatives or added sugar, unlike store bought. I love making my own convenience foods.

To make crushed pineapple, simply chunk your fruit and pulse in the food processor. Pour all the crushed pineapple into a pot, and bring to a simmer. After the pineapple is heated through, remove from heat. Heated Crushed Pineapple  Pour the hot pineapple into each jar leaving 1/2 inch head space. Remove air bubbles and add more pineapple if this changes the head space. Clean lip of jars, and secure the top with the prepared lids and rings. Place jars in water bath canner and bring to a full, rolling boil. Crushed Pineapple Water Bath After the pot comes to a boil, start timing and in 15 minutes, remove jars from water. Within an hour, you should hear all the lids popping down, which indicates the jars are shelf-stable. Let the jars cool for several hours. After the jars are no longer hot, remove rings and wipe down jars to ensure they are clean before storing.



  1. debi

    i have store bought cans of crushed pineapple and want to can it -can i do that and how ?

    • Laura

      I’ve never done that before but you could rinse it and add your own simple syrup.

  2. Terri Storms

    What sized jars did you use half pints? If so how many did you get per pineapple? I wonder if you could can it in pints if so how long to water bath them?

    • LauraM

      Hi Terri. I used pints. Two small pineapples yielded 5 pints of crushed pineapple. You process for 15 minutes.

  3. lori

    I am very excited to find this post and when I can find cheap pineapple I am going to give it a try. Pineapple in my neck of the woods is very expensive, usually $4-$5 for one. It is a treat. I don’t have a pressure canner so am always looking for water canning recipes.

    • LauraM

      Hi Lori! Do you live by an Aldi? They often have pineapples on sale for $1.19 or 99 cents each. When this happens, I buy about 14 and can in chunks, crushed, and dehydrate.


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