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Quick and Easy Peach Pie

I’m terrible at making pie crust. It just always seems to tear. I haven’t totally given up on learning to make a decent crust, but until then, I will use my cheater crust. Yes, it’s homemade, it’s just not rolled out.

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We recently went to a homeschool fall celebration party, where the kids all painted pumpkins. My kids spent a lot of time brushing the perfect picture on their sugar pumpkins for Halloween, and were extremely proud of their artwork. We displayed them on the front porch with our other fall decorations. But then, Halloween was over, and coincidentally I also needed to make some pies for Thanksgiving . . . .

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Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

My husband’s side of the family was just in town this weekend, so I had nine people to feed. Besides my daughter’s birthday cake, I wanted to offer a dessert, but was very short on time. My solution was this quick to prepare, slow cooker rice pudding, a recipe which does not require you to pre-cook the rice.  Not only does this take just a few minutes to put together, but this dessert is very economical, especially considering I only pay 32 cents a pound for rice at Costco. And, who doesn’t love a comforting, old-fashioned dessert? This dish is a crowd pleaser.

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Colored Decorating Sugar

I really only came up with this idea in a moment of desperation, when in the middle of a baking project I ran out of decorating sugars. This is simple, cheap, and all you need is sugar, and food coloring. I can’t believe all the money I wasted in the past on colored sugars.

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