Shelf-Stable Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil
July 27, 2021

Sun dried tomatoes are one of those things I’ve always seen as a luxury item. That’s where kitchen creativity comes in handy – I just make my own.

If you haven’t dehydrated tomatoes before, you are missing out on a valuable kitchen staple. They can be used for tomato powder, diced and dehydrated, or as wheels for soups, stews and slow cooker dishes. And yes, you can make sun dried tomatoes in oil without refrigeration.

First, make sure you dehydrate your tomatoes until they are crisp, and there is no moisture. Dip each piece of tomato in vinegar, and shake off excess.

Add tomatoes to a clean, dry jar. Add any dried herbs. Do not add anything fresh, including garlic or herbs – the herbs must be dried.

Cover with olive oil.

It will take at least a couple of months for the tomatoes to plump up. I keep these in a dark cabinet for months, and make them in smaller batches. Keeping your dehydrated tomatoes vacuum sealed with an oxygen absorbers will keep them fresh, and ready to transform into a sun dried tomato.

Don’t worry about wasting all that olive oil, as it takes on the tomato flavor and is perfect for a salad dressing base, or sautéing. Next time I make croutons, I’m going to use some of this oil. Stay tuned.




  1. P. Mack

    I purchased a bottle of sun dried tomatoes that are in sunflower oil and herbs. Do they have to be refrigerated after they’re opened, or can I keep them in the pantry?

    • Laura

      I am not sure how those were preserved so I’m not sure.

  2. Jo hooker

    What does dipping the tomatoes in vinegar do? Is it important (other Recipes don’t do this)

  3. d

    Do you water bath them after you pack them? If so do you do 35 for pints and 45 for quarts or some other times?

    • Laura

      No, I just leave them in the shelf with no canning.


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