New Website Launch!
July 8, 2021

Welcome to the new version of Preserved Home! I’ve been wanting to publish posts, but we have been working hard on the new design and logo. I hope you like what we’ve created! Recipes will be easier to find with actual pages for categories. I am re-focusing Preserved Home to include a variety of home preparedness including long term food storage, illumination, water supply, gardening, and much more! Food and preserving will continue to be the main topics –  we are just broadening our focus. Expect for some pictures on posts to be missing or abnormally large for just a bit while we continue to work on the back-end of the site. There are some new categories and I’ve been busy doing experiments, taking pictures, and writing articles for certain sections, so look out for those!

I also just started a Pinterest account, and would love if you followed me there, on Facebook and Instagram. Just use the social media icons to find me, or click on the hyperlinks. Thank you so much for subscribing, and please consider sharing the Preserved Home site with friends. I have some exciting articles coming your way!


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