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Microwave Potato Chips


I can’t believe this recipe actually worked. Who knew you could make potato chips in the microwave? With St. Patrick’s day in our near future, you can expect some killer deals on potatoes. You should stock up and dehydrate some, and also try these chips.

You can make this recipe using parchment paper, a plate coated with cooking spray, or a Silpat – – which is a silicone baking mat. The plate works great, but I could fit more on the Silpat, so that’s what I am using in the future. With the Silpat and parchment, you don’t have to spray the bottom with cooking spray. With a plate, you should. I spray the top lightly with cooking spray, add salt, and even some crushed rosemary. You could also add barbeque and Ranch seasonings, and try the chips with those flavorings as well. Have fun with it! After you season your chips, spray again with cooking spray.

The trick with making these chips is slicing them paper-thin, which can be tricky unless you use a mandolin which I happen to have. A sharp knife will work too. Regarding cooking time, it just depends on your microwave. Mine took about four minutes. When they start to brown, they brown fast.

Microwave Potato Chips

Russet Potatoes
Cooking spray
Salt and any other seasonings you desire

Scrub the potatoes, then thinly slice. Put potato slices on Silpat, parchment, or an oiled plate. Spray potatoes lightly with cooking spray, and sprinkle on salt or seasonings.

Cook on high power for 4 minutes, or until potato slices are browned and crisp.  Remove potato chips from the microwave and cool. Repeat with the remainder of the potatoes.

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  • Gloria February 8, 2013, 11:10 PM

    How thin do you slice them – paper thin? Will be doing it by hand. What a good way to have chips and not all the fat (or expense). Thanks!

  • Laura Macklem February 8, 2013, 11:13 PM

    Yes, as paper thin as you can get them with a knife. Should not be a problem. And you can do as few or many potatoes as you wish.

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