Making Your Own Supplements
July 13, 2021
DIY Supplements

Because I buy and preserve in bulk, finding multiple uses for my stash is always a fun challenge. I dehydrate spinach and kale, which rehydrate very nicely in soups. However, these leafy greens also take an enormous amount of space because the crunchy leaves are fragile, preventing me from packing my half gallon jars. I pulverized the greens into powder for smoothies, fruit roll ups, and even for fresh pasta dough. But then it occurred to me, why not put this superfood in capsules for a nutritional punch?

I ordered capsule making supplies, and started filling them with the greens powder, but it didn’t end there.  After being stricken with a terrible muscle and joint condition, I decided to take matters into my own hands and try and heal myself after traditional medicine wasn’t working out. The doctors prescribed me with a low-dose chemotherapy, and other medicines which made my hair fall out and sickened me. I just wasn’t getting any better, so I took myself off the meds and started researching natural remedies. I saw a video by Big Family Homestead discussing moringa leaf and how it took all the You Tuber’s crippling arthritis away. I thought I would give it a try, so I ordered moringa powder and started stuffing capsules with this plant as well. After a couple of months, I started seeing a difference, but it wasn’t enough for me since this isn’t really chronic arthritis, but a whole body event affecting muscles too. I ordered some natural remedy books and started my research. I’m able to keep my afflictions at bay with natural medicine, and have officially started building a home apothecary . I’m excited to share what works for me, and to highlight medicinal herbs in future posts. But back to the capsules . .

Saving money is always a focus for me, and I’ve realized how much money I’ll save making my own capsules. I take turmeric, and I went to buy capsules and they were $38 for a bottle. I remembered I had purchased turmeric and black pepper in bulk (you add those two together), so I made my own and kept my $38. Now I’m making my own capsules and tinctures for better sleep, anxiety, strained muscles, and other ailments to help my family. I’m dreaming of a medicinal herb garden for next year, saving me even more money, because ordering these herbs not cheap, but still less expensive than co-pays and pharmaceuticals. Also, I believe natural medicine is better for you.

There are different types of capsule makers, and mine is called “The Capsule Machine.” Here is a link to the capsules I bought, which fit with machine. Make sure the machine and capsule sizes match.

The large side of the capsule goes in the tall side of the capsule maker.

The smaller side of the capsule goes on the smaller section.

Push down the individual capsule parts. Fill the large side with herbs or spices of choice. The kit comes with a card which you use to push the contents into the holes.

Next you take the pusher and insert into the holes to impact the contents into the capsules. Add more contents over the holes and repeat until filled.

Now take the part with the capsule tops and place on the top of the filled capsules. Press down, flip over and push the top of each capsule down. I pressed only half down so you can see the difference.

Turn over and push the capsules out. Isn’t that neat?

While there are many gentle herbs,  some are very strong. With any of the herbs, you should ensure nothing conflicts with your current medication, realizing what works for one person, might be dangerous for another. I am not dispensing medical advice, I’m sharing what works for me.

I suggest using more than one herbal remedy book, so you can cross reference. I’ll do a separate post on some books I like. Until then, feel free to powder your dehydrated vegetable powders and give yourself a nutritional boost, but don’t fill them with medicinal herbs until you’ve done your research.


  1. Glo S

    Good for you! I am glad it’s all working out. This is very ingenious.

    • Laura

      Thank you!


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