Make a First Aid Kit
May 26, 2015
Making a First Aid Kit

When I think about my intention for “Preserved Home,” it’s more than just being prepared with food, but also readiness for illness or injury. Yes, I have homemade chicken soup all canned up, elderberry syrup and the like stashed away for colds and other sicknesses, but until recently I didn’t have a solid first aid kit.

I decided to make a really nice first aid kit, where I could find everything in one place, instead of fumbling through my bathroom cabinet looking for supplies when something happens. I also wanted a kit I could take with me when we go on trips, or even day excursions to the lake. When three yellow jackets flew up my daughter’s shirt a couple years ago and stung her on a camping trip, I realized if our American Heritage Girl troop hadn’t been prepared, it would have been a very painful experience for her. The sting medication took the pain away immediately. That experience lit the spark for first aid readiness. I started out with a small kit, but decided to make a bigger one.

Many of the items in this kit were purchased from the dollar store. Also, use drug store coupons to keep your costs down as well. Making this was fun, and gives me a piece of mind.

I bought a tackle box, filled it, and then had to buy a bigger one after realizing mine was too small. Save yourself some money, and go big the first time! Here’s what I filled my kit with:

first aid.2

assorted bandages

gauze patches and rolled gauze

waterproof tape


hand sanitizer

alcohol wipes


antibiotic ointment

hydrocortisone cream

non-latex gloves

eye drops

lip balm


cold medicine


aloe vera for burns

anti-itch spray

allergy pills for children and adults

 pills for upset stomach


first aid scissors

hand warmers

After Bite (for stings)

elastic bandages

ankle and knee supports

pain relief patches

liquid pain reliever

emergency blankets

face mask


hot/cold pack

hand wipes

first aid.3

I think the only thing I’m missing is a first aid booklet. Being accident prone, I’m very sure of my ability to administer everything in my kit, but it doesn’t hurt to have some more elaborate instructions.

I’ve already used this kit twice since making it last week. My daughter was climbing up and down a narrow step, and woke up in severe pain in both of her flat feet! I wrapped a pain relief patch around each foot, and gave her pain medication. I hope I don’t have to use this much, but if you know me, I don’t think anything will have time to expire in this kit because of my susceptibility to injury. What I’m saying is, I’m a klutz.

I hope this post inspires you to put together your own kit. This is just another way to love your family, by being prepared!


  1. Jerry Roberts

    Our Son and Daughter-In-law are both in the medical profession but that doesn’t mean they are always available when we need them. A joint medical supply kit has been established for those “just in case” times in our lives. It is extensive but I can’t think of a thing I would leave out. Sorry for the size.
    1 each Basic First Aid Book, in plain language
    4 each Bandages (Ace) elastic, 4″
    20 each Bandages, gauze, 2″ x 2″
    24 each Bandages, gauze, 3″ x 3″ and 4″ x 4″
    10 each Bandages, gauze, 18″ x 36″
    3 each Bandages for burns (Second Skin) 3″ x 3-1/2″
    3 each Triangular Bandages
    1 box Band-Aids in assorted sizes, flexible and moisture resistant best
    2 box Bicarbonate of Soda
    1 box Butterfly sutures or Leukostrips
    3 each Cold/heat Pack, reusable
    1 box Cotton Swabs
    1 box Dental Floss
    1 box Epsom Salts
    2 each Eyedropper
    2 rolls First Aid Tape, 1/2″ x 10 yards and 1″ x 5 yards
    24 pair Gloves, lightweight rubber, (for medical and hygiene purposes)
    4 tube Insect Repellent
    12 bottles Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing alcohol)
    10 box Masks, Respiratory, surgical (like the 3M N95 Particulate Disposable Respirators)
    2 bottle Adolfs Meat Tenderizer for insect bites and stings
    1 box Moistened Towelettes
    1 each Nail Clipper
    1 box Razor Blades, single edge
    1 box Safety Pins, assorted sizes
    1 each SAM splint
    1 each Scalpel
    1 each Scissors, Surgical pointed
    1 each Snake bite kit
    1 bottle Soap, liquid, antibacterial
    6 each Tongue Depressors
    2 each Thermometers, disposal OR 1 digital, (no breakables with mercury)
    1 each Tweezers
    1 tube Analgesic Cream (Campho-Phenique, Paraderm Plus)
    1 box Antacid (Mylanta, Tums, Pepto-Bismol)
    1 series Antibiotic (Tetracycline for general infections)
    1 box Anti-Diarrheal (Imodium, Diasorb, Lomotil)
    1 box Anti-fungal (Desenex, Micatin, Tinactin, Lotrimin)
    1 box Antihistamine (Benadryl, Claritin)
    3 tube Antiseptic Ointment (Neosporin, Dettol)
    2 each Anti-toxin (DMSO)
    2 tube Burns (Hydrocortisone, Derm-Aid)
    1 box Cold/Flu Tablets (Nyquil, Repetabs)
    1 box Constipation (Ex-Lax, Dulcolax, Durolax)
    2 bottle Cough Syrup (Robitussen, Dimetap)
    1 box Decongestant (Actifed, Sudafed, Repetabs)
    1 bottle DMSO – dimethylsulfoxide (cure-all – learn how to use it, buy the book)
    1 bottle Eye Drops (Visine)
    1 tube Hemorrhoid Relief (Preparation H, Anusol)
    2 bottles Ibuprofen (Advil, Nurofen, Paracetamol)
    2 bottles Itching, Insect/Rash (Caladril, Calamine)
    2 tube Itching (Dibucaine, Paraderm, Lanacane)
    1 tube Lip Balm (Chap Stick, Blistex)
    1 tube Lubricant, Water Soluble (K-Y Jelly)
    1 bottle Nasal Decongestant (Sinex, Ornex)
    1 box Nausea, Motion Sickness (Kwells, Dramamine, Travacalm, Meclizine)
    2 box Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever (Tylenol)
    2 tubes Ora-Jell (Dental pain killer) – Can deaden skin to apply stitches
    2 box Pain, Fever Reducer (Panadeine, Mobigesic)
    2 box Pain Reliever with Codeine (Panamax, Tylenol 3)
    1 Prescription (A supply of any you are taking)
    2 jar Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
    2 bottle Poison Ivy/Oak (Dermarest Poison Ivy Mousse or Ivarest)
    2 packet Poison Absorber (Activated Charcoal)
    2 bottle Radiation Protection (Potassium Iodide-[KI] or Potassium Iodate-[KIO3] either is fine)
    2 can Sunburn Relief (Solarcaine, Paxyl)
    2 bottle Sunscreen (SPF 15 at least)
    2 packet Tooth Repair (Temporary replacement for lost fillings)
    2 bottle Vomit Inducer (Ipecac)
    1 tube Yeast Infection Treatment (Gyne-Lotrimin, Monistat)
    10 gallons Unscented Bleach. For disinfectant and water purification. ¼ teaspoon per gallon water for drinking water.
    5 each Suture Kit (available at Tractor Supply or Vet Stores)

    • LauraM

      Thank you for this list! I will have to go through it and see what I can do to beef up my own medical kit!


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