Grinding Meat at Home
January 12, 2013

Home Ground MeatI love ground meat, but sometimes I get grossed out thinking of what it might contain. I decided to get a meat grinder and take all the guesswork out of biting into a sausage patty or hamburger. I now know what’s in my ground meat, and am also enjoying a leaner, less expensive product.

I have a KitchenAid stand mixer, so for Christmas my mom bought me the meat grinder attachment which is really easy to use. So, during the cold months when bottom round goes on sale for under $3 a pound, I buy several roasts and grind them up. Same with pork butt. I grind up the pork and freeze in 1 pound portions. You can also go ahead and add sausage seasoning to the mixture and freeze it as well. I buy my pork butt when it his $1.29 and under per pound.

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