Freezing Avocado
January 20, 2013

Avocados were on sale for 49 cents each, so I bought 22. With the Super Bowl coming up, I expect to get an even better deal on avocados. The past two years I got them for 29 cents each at Aldi. Of course, as much as we love avocado, it would be a caloric indulgence to eat the 22 avocados I just bought before they turned, so I had to find a way to preserve my avocados.

I knew it was possible to freeze avocado at least by pureeing, as I got several free packs of Wholly Guacamole free during Super Doubles. I wasn’t sure if there was some type of preservative they used though to keep it green. I like my guacamole chunky, so I did an experiment with avocado halves and puree. If you freeze avocado untreated, they will turn black. However, treated with lime juice, avocados stay perfectly green. I tried freezing them in two ways: first I pureed them with lime juice, then I brushed peeled avocado halves with lime juice and flash froze. I couldn’t believe how beautifully they halves turned out. Here is a picture of them frozen: Frozen Avocados with Lime

After freezing, I vacuum sealed the avocados and put back in the freezer. I also vacuum sealed the puree, but what a mess it is to make avocado puree. I’m sticking with freezing the halves. The avocados thawed out nicely, and made and nice guacamole every bit as good as fresh.

Do not attempt to make guacamole and freeze. If you are going to puree the avocado, only add lime juice. Do not try to freeze chunked avocado, because parts of it will turn black. By freezing halves or puree you can ensure even distribution of lime juice.

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  1. Nancy Woolfrey

    This is a great fact to know since I can buy avocados pretty cheaply and they are often wasted since they turn brown. Thank You!


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