DIY Evaporated Milk
November 9, 2014

I keep powdered milk on hand for several reasons. First of all, for emergency purposes. When I say emergency purposes, I don’t mean just tanking of the economy, leading to cleared off grocery shelves. My version of an emergency also includes realizing on Sunday night your husband will not have enough milk for his beloved morning cereal. I end up amending what milk I already have with powdered milk, and no one ever notices.

I’ve also been using powdered milk to make my homemade yogurt thicker, and to make DIY Hamburger Helper mix. And I’ll use it as a base for homemade hot chocolate mix for Sunday School teacher gifts. Basically, powdered milk is a pantry staple for me, but is expensive in most grocery stores, but not at Aldi. If you have a freeze dryer, milk rehydrates really well but you should use a blender so everything gets incorporated.

The most clever way I use powdered milk is to concoct my own evaporated milk. It takes just a few seconds to make. Just combine 1 cup of water and 2/3 cups of powdered milk and mix. Now you have evaporated milk! This is a money saver, and one less thing I have to buy each year to make my pumpkin pies and other desserts.



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