Dehydrated Watermelon
July 24, 2013
Dehydrated Watermelon

Oh yes I did. I dehydrated watermelon. Seriously, nothing is safe from my dehydrator. I just got a 17 pound watermelon for $3 at the farmer’s market, although last year I got one slightly smaller for $1. I’m hoping to snag that deal again at some point.

I found myself unable to turn down watermelon deals last summer, so I ended up making watermelon juice and freezing. The kids loved it. This year I decided to get a little more creative with watermelon, so in the dehydrator it went. Dehydrated watermelon tastes like a Jolly Rancher, which is my favorite candy, and rehydrates into a neat consistency in your mouth. It’s weird, but in a wonderful way.

To dehydrate watermelon, slice 1/4 inch thick and place on dehydrator trays. You don’t need to take the seeds out – – they are quite tasty dehydrated in the watermelon. Sliced Watermelon Dry at 135 for about 12 hours, or until brittle. You will have to cool the watermelon before testing, because the warmth from the dehydrator will make it pliable. If you want this dehydrated watermelon for short-term storage, you do not have to dry until brittle.


  1. LauraM

    Anna, I was thinking, how fun would it be to dehydrate a yellow watermelon too? It would look so pretty in the jar! Don’t you miss your dehydrator?

  2. Anna@stuffedveggies

    Dehydrated watermelon is WONDERFUL – like candy, but better : )
    I used to make it (got rid of my dehydrator, so cannot any more), it is the perfect way to rescue a watermelon that is not sweet enough – the dehydrating concentrates the natural sugars : )


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