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Dehydrated Spiced Apples

apples jar


Do you know what is really satisfying for me? Seeing a small bag of dehydrated apples for $6, and knowing that I can make the same thing for pennies. It’s the little things.

Dehydrating apples is incredibly easy, and you must give it a try. Forget what you read about treating them with lemon juice first. Simply wash and peel the apples. Cut into 1/4 inch slices, or alternatively you can core the apple and slice.


Dust with apple pie spice or cinnamon.


Place on a dehydrating tray in a single layer, and set your dehydrator at 135.


In about 8 hours, your apples should be done.


My family eats these as snacks, and I also put them in homemade granola cereal and granola bars. These apples soften beautifully when cooked in my homemade instant oatmeal. No preservatives, and the cheapest healthy snack going.


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