Anti-Inflammatory Iced Tea
August 21, 2021

I have a severe all-over, inflammatory condition, and I’m keeping it at bay with natural remedies including anti-inflammatory tea I drink almost daily. I didn’t follow a recipe, I first did what any thrifty homemaker would do – I scoured my yard to see what I had first.

After taking note of what’s growing in my yard, I thumbed through my medicinal herb books to see if the items I found were safe, and if they had medicinal properties. I knew dandelions were anti-inflammatory, but wasn’t certain if blackberry leaves and marjoram had medicinal properties. Turns out, both plants are anti-inflammatory. One thing I learned, is to taste fresh or dried herbs before making them into tea. I added an anti-inflammatory dried herb to my mix without tasting first, and it was really bitter. I lost a half gallon of my tea.

While components of my tea changes, the backbone of it does not – I always use dried nettle. Studies have shown the plant reduces arthritic pain. Nettle works well as a tea, and is inexpensive on Amazon. I also use arnica flowers, but unlike nettle, arnica is not a gentle herb so research to ensure it works for you personally. In my tea I usually brew nettle, dandelions, arnica flowers, dried mums, and blackberry leaves.

Don’t stop with plants for your anti-inflammatory tea, add fruit for flavor and healing. Pineapple has bromelain, an anti-inflammatory. When I’m cutting up pineapples, I cut the core into chunks and freeze for tea later. I also use dehydrated blueberries. Using these fruits gives the tea a nice flavor, and more powerful for my needs. Research some of your favorite fruits to see which ones boost effectiveness of your tea.

To make tea, put your selected ingredients in a jar.

Boil water and pour over mixture to the top. Stir and cover with a saucer. After 30 minutes stir again, and re-cover. Allow to sit a full hour total and add ice. I also use a splash of flavored homemade vinegar to give a nice little tang and for probiotic properties.




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