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Squash Hush Puppies


Hush puppies may be southern cuisine, but I grew to love them in California.  My parents would take us to this very casual (and fantastic) restaurant at Lake Wohlford. They specialized in catfish and things like ribs, but their hush puppies are what I really remember. I live in the south now, so hush puppies aren’t the hidden gem like they were in California, but I like to make my own version with yellow squash. And, making my own is a good way in general to use pantry staples since I buy in bulk.

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Smashed Potato Salad

Have you ever boiled potatoes for potato salad, and overcooked them? With the kind of potato salad I make during the holidays, it would completely ruin my salad. For my holiday potato salad, I need firm (but not hard) potatoes. If you do overcook your potatoes, I have a perfect recipe for you – – smashed potato salad.

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Broccoli Cheese Tots


20160610_141544 (1)

My daughter Katelyn and I love dipping all kinds of food in ketchup, including tacos. Now we have one more food to dunk in that tomatoey goodness – – broccoli.

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I accidentally bought 67.5 pounds of cabbage. A vendor showed me a giant box of cabbage and told me it was $10, and looking at the enormity of the box, clearly it was a good deal. I didn’t know the exact calculation until I hauled it home, weighed the cabbage, and realized I had only paid 14 cents a pound. I was exited about the deal, but then I looked at all that cabbage, and realized that was my life for the next two days. My first go to in putting up this bounty was sauerkraut.

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Cranberry Time




Welcome Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday, surprise, surprise. I love going by myself to the store and buying food treasures for the holidays. One of the most fun things to buy are bags of cranberries. [continue reading…]