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Cranberry Time




Welcome Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday, surprise, surprise. I love going by myself to the store and buying food treasures for the holidays. One of the most fun things to buy are bags of cranberries. [continue reading…]

Dehydrated Grapefruit Jar

There was this crazy deal last week where Lowes Foods had grapefruit for $3.99 a pound, and they were having Super Doubles that week. This means any coupon $2 or less gets doubled. My favorite coupon site, Southern Savers, posted a coupon link for a $2 grapefruit coupon. This translated into free grapefruit. I had four coupons, which meant 20 pounds of free grapefruit. Guess what I did the following day? Yes, the whole day was the very sticky, juicy process of putting these grapefruit “up.” Totally worth it though.

[continue reading…]