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Oat Flour Bread

Homemade sandwich bread dough ball

My friend Tabatha and I bought some oats together through a co-op. We split a 50 pound bag, so now the two of us trade recipes calling for oats. I have made oatmeal pancakes, granola cereal, granola bars, smoothies with oats, oatmeal peanut butter cookies, instant oatmeal, baked oatmeal, and now oat flour bread.

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Homemade sandwich bread


A great way to cut down your grocery bill is to identify the items you use most often, and how to either get it cheaper, or make it yourself. Bread is something most of us use, and I find it rather expensive considering the ingredients. I’ve been making my own bread for years, but my experience has evolved. I love homemade bread so much, that even as a single Hill staffer I would dodge elegant events with free food and drink provided by lobbyists, so that I could get back to my apartment and knead my bread. This did not please my chief-of-staff, but hey, I was a spokesperson, not a policy person, so I didn’t need to be there anyway. Really all I wanted to do is come home, kick off my heals and bake bread. Of course now, I use a bread baking method which does not require kneading, so I’m a step ahead. This is so easy that it’s ridiculous.

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