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Canning Beef Roasts

One of the reasons I can, is to stock up when prices are low. So when I saw beef prices started to rise, I stocked up. Beef sky rocketed at one point, and the only place it’s come back down is at Costco. I’m unsure of what’s going to happen in the near future, so I canned a bunch up for my food storage. While people are most afraid of canning meat, it’s actually the easiest thing to can. I wrote a food column on canning meat with safety statistics proving, it’s safe and easy.

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Around the House

I got a new kitchen toy – a steam juicer! It’s a three piece contraption with water in the bottom, a juice catcher in the middle, and a strainer-like top for the fruit. The juice comes out of a hose.

My first experiment was with grapes, because they were on sale for 89 cents a pound. Filled to the brim with grapes, my juice steamer yielded two, half-gallons of grape juice. Only apple and grape juice have been tested as safe for canning in half-gallon jars. I wish the USDA would do more testing for these sized jars, because I would love to can soup in them!

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Squash Hush Puppies


Hush puppies may be southern cuisine, but I grew to love them in California.  My parents would take us to this very casual (and fantastic) restaurant at Lake Wohlford. They specialized in catfish and things like ribs, but their hush puppies are what I really remember. I live in the south now, so hush puppies aren’t the hidden gem like they were in California, but I like to make my own version with yellow squash. And, making my own is a good way in general to use pantry staples since I buy in bulk.

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Quick and Easy Peach Pie

I’m terrible at making pie crust. It just always seems to tear. I haven’t totally given up on learning to make a decent crust, but until then, I will use my cheater crust. Yes, it’s homemade, it’s just not rolled out.

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When you explore food, it’s always an adventure. From bubbling ferments, discovering different grains, or just coming up with a perfect soup recipe, excitement always abounds. I’ve had so many “I can’t believe that worked” moments, and this latest experiment is no different.

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