Video Link for Cranberry Recipes!
November 23, 2021

I did a collaboration with the vlogger from Faith’s Life! Faith has a great You Tube channel showing viewers how to clean, organize, decorate and cook. She is an amazing homemaker! She also has delicious Weight Watchers recipes. Please check out her channel, and see our video by clicking this link! She invited me to demonstrate some of my cranberry recipes and holiday tips. I showed her viewers how to make a quick, whole berry cranberry sauce and sugared cranberries. Last week I blogged about a new sliceable cranberry sauce, and I show how to get that successfully out of the jar without compromising the shape.

Keeping a small home neat and organized is one of Faith’s specialities. Here is an inspiring video of pantry organization, something I need help with considering I buy in bulk. She is also a fantastic food stylist, and you can follow her on Instagram here, and while you are at it, make sure you find me in Instagram and Pinterest too!

I might start doing small videos to demonstrate preserving and food prep – please let me know if that would be helpful, or if you have content you would like to see on my blog.

I have to get going and powder an heirloom pumpkin, sugar more cranberries and get ready for the big day Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving!!



  1. Faith Ortiz

    Thank you so much Laura for the kind words, I really enjoyed your article! You have so many fantastic budget friendly Homemaking ideas! I’m looking forward to trying the cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving!

  2. Jenny

    I’ve been meaning to ask you–I can’t find the super fine sugar for the sugared cranberries any more. I see that you process yours in the food processor, but that is sort of a pain. Do you ever see the super fine in a store? Dominos used to make it.

    • Laura

      I haven’t been able to find it in stores, but making your own takes less than 30 seconds. I just put the sugar in on high and let it go for 15 seconds or so, and check for texture.


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