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Dictionary Man and Woman

My daughter Anna is an incredible reader, but for some reason she struggles with dictionary skills. She is a very agreeable child, but she gets fussy when I tell her it’s time to work on learning dictionary skills, (and math), so I found some free resources to make it more fun for her.

Anna loves to invent words, so I printed out this worksheet which has the student write a word, and create a dictionary entry. After your student completes this, they can enter it on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary site for kids on the “Build Your Own Dictionary” page. There are other activities on this website as well.

On another day, have your child go on a dictionary scavenger hunt, to help them learn their way around a dictionary. Anna had the most fun though making a “Dictionary Man,” where on each part of the little person, you write a different components of the dictionary entry. She also made a dictionary lady by turning the bow tie into a hair bow. Creative girl!