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Freezer Bag with Ground Pork Sausage Crumbles

Sausage, even a little sausage, in a dish adds tons of flavor. The problem is, I do not trust what is in store-bought sausage. I’ve bought it sparingly for years because I like it, but I try not to think about what parts I could be eating, especially when a bite seems suspect. Then I got my Kitchen Aid meat grinding attachment for Christmas. We now eat sausage without a care, because I grind it myself using pork butt and add my own seasonings.

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retro mom couponing

People ask me all the time, “how do you do it?” Even cashiers. They look stunned when my bill for $58 rings up to $3. Or, like today when the store owed me $6.78, and I had to “buy” something else to even it out. I walked out with $35 worth of free groceries. And, I got this deal after spending 15 minutes of preparation drugged up on pain medication from my surgery. If I can be pushed in a wheelchair half-lucid and roll out with free groceries, surely anyone can on a good day. The truth is, I do not spend my life clipping coupons or hoarding cases of Hamburger Helper. I do not order flats of Top Ramen ahead of time like on Extreme Couponing, or dumpster dive. I get one paper, and have one printer. I clip when I can, and some weeks only get a couple of deals. Because I am stocked up from getting freebies or almost-freebies, I can sit and wait for the best prices. And sometimes, life happens and I miss out on great deals because of other commitments, but that’s ok. I’m not obsessed, I’m dedicated.

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