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Refashion a Too-Tight Sweater

Ever have a pretty sweater that has somehow become too tight? Repurpose SweaterNot to worry, you can now wear this top as a cardigan.

My favorite sweater refashion is the lettuce leaf stitch on the serger. It’s basically a rolled hem with a twist, but can only be done with a knit. It makes a pretty ruffle on the sides of the sweater. This is so fast, while my family was loading up in the car for church, I made a cardigan after I realized I didn’t have anything to match my outfit. I shouted, “I’m coming!” Then I made the cut, and sat down to my serger, and in literally a minute I had myself a new cardigan. Sergers are the best thing ever.

Here’s how to make a ruffled cardigan using a serger.

Find the center of the sweater. Use a ruler to determine the middle. Cut down the middle of the front of the sweater. Cutting a Repurposed Sweater Do not cut through the back also, like I did. I was being smart trying to whip through a few sweaters, and cut trough the front and back, slicing the whole thing in half. Set your serger for the rolled hem stitch. As you sew the cut sides of the sweater, gently pull the fabric as it feeds into the serger. Serging a Repurposed Sweater Practice with a piece of scrap fabric first, but this is extremely easy.

If you do not have a serger, simply fold the cut sides of the fabric and iron. Fold over again and sew. You can get creative, and sew ribbon on the down the sides of the sweater, or add pretty buttons.

Repurposed Sweater into Cardigan

Go dig through your closet, and see what sweater you can give a new life!

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