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Poetry Study

This is our first year homeschooling. Every day I get excited about something new to teach Anna, or something new I’ve learned myself. I always thought of poetry as being something suited only for preschool story hour, or hippies playing bongo drums. My second grader loves poetry though, and as she plowed through all Shel Silverstein’s books with great excitement, lots of loud, giddy laughter and enthusiasm, I started to think that maybe poetry might be a good tool to get her even more excited about writing.

I looked on-line and found a free study guide using the Random House Book of Poetry for Children, which indexes specific types of poetry. For instance, you would read all personification poetry one day, discuss the imagery and descriptive language with your child, and have them write a personification poem. They have several categories. I believe poetry helps you think deeper about even the simplest things.

Studying poetry is helping Anna to not just put thoughts onto paper, but to put emotion and mental pictures into her stories. If you want to access this free study guide, click here, and check out the book of poetry from the library.

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