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Around The House


This is my first “Around the House” post! I’m always doing interesting little things around my home I want to share, but individually they aren’t worth, or ready, for an entire post. Instead, I’ll be sharing tidbits in one post. I hope you enjoy!

It’s an exciting week in my kitchen. First, a friend offered me a box of freshly picked pears the day before I left for vacation. I placed them in my extra fridge in hopes they would stay in shape upon my return. I started peeling the pears and realized, they just weren’t ripe. I could not bring myself to throw away the peeled, underripe pears, so I decided to make a fermented pear/apple vinegar. I didn’t have enough pears to fill up the jar, so I cored some apples and threw in the apple scraps.

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Refrigerator Pickles

My brother-in-law Greg doesn’t like dill, so he typically passes over the pickles. I make three kinds of pickles, and one of them sans-dill, or so I thought. I brought some to our family camping trip, and bragged I brought dill-less pickles just for him, and they passed his test. But after reviewing my recipe, I realized that while my pickles don’t have dill weed, they do have dill seed. Since he doesn’t have an allergy, not sure if I should come clean, or let him enjoy dill-kissed pickles without him knowing. It’s a pickle of a decision, that’s for sure.

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When it comes to canning blueberries, people automatically just think jam and freezing the berries. While I certainly can blueberry jam and freeze the berries too, a good price point on blueberries means I need to think bigger. Home canned pie filling is a fun pantry staple, but I also wanted something less sweet. I was surprised to learn blueberries can be canned in straight up water, which I did too, giving me great versatility. But then I eyed my bag of culinary lavender and decided what a nice paring it would be with blueberries in a light syrup.

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We have an RV and camp a lot. Because we go so much, we typically only dine out just once a trip, with the exception of some ice cream or snow cones. I’m basically packing all of our food from ketchup to the main dish. RVs have limited storage space, and we also have to lug everything in and out. If you are renting a vacation house, you will have plenty of food storage space, but like me, you still have to transport it all. I have some fun, creative tips for packing food for your next vacation.

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Peach Peel Syrup

One reason I love cooking, is it’s creative, which is particularly important when you buy produce in bulk. In my blog post, “What Should I Do With All This Produce?” I lay out some creative options for using bulk produce, and I need to update to add the option of fruit syrups. What brings me great joy is making something delicious out of scraps, which would typically be thrown out.

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