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One-Minute Personal Omelet

One Minute Personal OmeletMy uncle introduced me to something he calls “the mug egg.” I think he invented it. With the mug egg, you get a tall, round egg, perfect for an English muffin. Light and fluffy. I modified the mug egg to make the bowl omelet, but I call it the One-Minute Personal Omelet. It’s a quick and fun little breakfast. Here’s how it’s done:

Crack and egg in a serving bowl prepared with cooking spray. Add a couple tablespoons of milk, and whisk with a fork. Omelet with Milk Microwave for 45 seconds. Place filling such as cheese, meat and/or vegetables on one side of the egg. One Minute Personal Omelet with Cheese Flip bare side of egg over to cover the side with filling. Cook another 15 seconds, or until the egg is no longer runny.

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