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My New Love – Half Gallon Ball Jars

Half Gallon Jars

I’ve been doing a lot of canning and dehydrating, and preparing for even more preserving this summer, so I’m rethinking my food storage space. Quart jars get filled up too quickly, so when I saw half gallon jars at the store, I snatched up a case. I can store twice the amount of food using the same counter space with these jars. I also had intentions of canning pickles in these, but then I found out there aren’t really processing instructions for half gallon canning jars. I’m experimenting with lacto-fermented cucumbers using a half gallon jar though. They just finished fermenting — can’t wait to try them!

Lacto-fermented Pickles

I filled my new jars with cinnamon apples, tomatoes, and strawberries I dehydrated. To extend the shelf life, I sealed the jars using an attachment for my vacuum sealer. I love using the jar lid attachment because it saves money on expensive oxygen absorbers, and I know for sure when the air is out of the jar. If you are considering a jar lid attachment, make sure to get both the wide and small mouth sealers. Remember that rings are not needed on jars after lids are sealed. I’m going to get another case of half gallon jars so I can condense my food storage, and put those quart jars to good use in my pressure canner. Bring on the summer produce!

Vacuum Jar Sealer
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  • mike October 28, 2013, 1:33 AM

    what’s the shelf life dehydrating and storing in jars? Ballpark? Thanks.

  • Laura Macklem October 28, 2013, 2:04 AM

    Hi Mike. I’ve read between 20 and 30 years. However, I like to rotate my stock yearly to make sure my food is the best quality possible.

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