Making Berry Vinegar
April 23, 2015

My family doesn’t like bottled dressing. We will choke it down if we must, but we find it flat, fake and oily tasting. Unless it’s a bottle of Ranch, we make our own.  One of our favorite dressings is one made with berry vinegar. Of course, if you buy berry vinegar in the store, it will cost you a pretty penny. The easy solution is to make your own.

When berries go on sale, making berry vinegar is an easy way to employ them. I got cranberries on sale at Aldi for 19 cents a bag a couple days after Thanksgiving, and use these to flavor vinegar. Try making strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, or raspberry vinegar.

I prefer using white wine vinegar as a base, but you can also use cider or red wine vinegar. Simply fill a jar 1/3 full of berries. You can add herbs and garlic to the vinegar as well.  (If using blueberries or cranberries, crush them first.) Pour vinegar over berries until you reach an inch from the top. Put plastic wrap over the jar opening, and secure with lid.

You use the plastic wrap because the vinegar will corrode the metal lid.

Every three or four days, shake the jar, which you should store in a dark place. After three or four weeks, your vinegar should be ready. Store in glass containers with either cork or plastic lids.

These vinegars make delicious dressings, and lovely gifts.


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