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How to Re-purpose Girls’ Dress Into a Skirt in 10 Minutes

I’m always looking for ways to cut costs in every area, and clothing is no exception. I have two growing girls, and even a modest trip to Old Navy can end up costing a lot. My younger daughter gets my older daughter’s clothes, and when she grows out of those, I do my best to make them last even longer, as long as they still look nice. This is especially true with things like dresses and jumpers, which don’t get worn and abused like other clothes. Many of her things look brand new by the time she grows out of something. So, when my littlest grows out of a dress, it becomes a skirt. I did this in 10 minutes using the serger for sewing the raw edge. Here’s how:

Cut under the arms of the dress:

Cutting Repurposed Dress

Cut Repurposed Dress


Serge along the cut edge, or, sew raw edge under to prevent fraying:

Serging Raw Edges of Repurposed Dress

Choose elastic size for waist:

Measuring Elastic for Repurposed Dress


Fold now-sewn edge down and sew, making sure the tunnel you are sewing is wide enough to fit the elastic, but not too wide, as the elastic might flip around. Sew the edge around the waist line, leaving an opening for the elastic.

Sewing Elastic Tunnel for Repurposed Dress

I secure a safety pin on both sides of the elastic, and feed it through the waist band.

Elastic Waistband in Repurposed Dress

I pin both sides together and try the skirt on my daughter to see how tight the elastic needs to be.

After the fitting, I sew the elastic together and the channel closed. Now you have a skirt!

Repurposed Dress Finished

On clothes you can’t amend, or aren’t nice enough to pass down, don’t forget to harvest the buttons of the clothing!

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  • G. January 28, 2013, 12:27 AM

    Very neat! Good idea!

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