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Get Ready for Pie Filling Season

Clear Jel

I really wanted to make pie filling last year to can, but everything I read said to use Clear-Jel, and that cornstarch was no longer considered safe for canning. Apparently, straight corn starch breaks down the acids in food. And Clear-Jel, a modified corn starch, does not thicken until it begins to cool, which allows the filling to heat evenly during the water bath process, unlike corn starch. Taste-testers complain that cornstarch leaves a flour-like, starchy taste in canned pie filling, and Clear-Jel does not. I’ve been sold on Clear-Jel, but you can’t find it in stores. I ordered my Clear-Jel on-line in anticipation for making all kinds of pie fillings when a good fruit deal should arise. You can make pies and freeze them ahead of time, which is great, but if you are limited on freezer space, canning pie fillings is a great alternative. Also, unlike frozen pies, canned pie filling lasts for years.

Buy some Clear-Jel and get ready for spring and summer fruit sales. Strawberries have been going on sale already, and my dehydrator is running non-stop!


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