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One of the several things I love about homeschooling is teaching my young children history. In many schools, they barely touch on history, and focus mostly on the civil rights movement. Anna is in second grade and we are studying the Revolutionary War. History is her favorite subject, and I get to re-learn right along with her! We went with our homeschool group to a battlefield where costumed actors explained how foods were made, demonstrated candle dipping, basket weaving, and my daughter even commanded a cannon to be fired. This kind of hands-on learning is what makes learning exciting, and retention more probable.

We are using free materials from the blog “Notebooking Nook” for our Revolutionary War lapbook. As we study different key players and events during this time using library books, we also have been watching a video series on YouTube called “Liberty’s Kids.”  I just go on YouTube and look for episodes. Anna is very interested in Native American history, so we will be studying that next. Anna also discovered a new-to-us historical fiction series called “Dear America.” Between this series and the American Girl books, she cannot get her nose out of historical fiction!

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