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Fabric Covered Jar Lids

Fabric covered lids for jars

Nothing is more pleasing to my eye than beautiful preserved food in jars. It’s functional art, and has a homey sophistication. It’s for this reason I could not stand any longer to see my gorgeous jarred bounty topped with lids donning advertisements. My fabric scraps came to the rescue.

Jar for fabric covered lid

This is an easy project that will take minutes. All you need:

Patterned fabric scraps
Solid scrap fabric
Spray adhesive
Hot glue gun (mine is way too beaten up to appear in the picture)

Supplies for fabric covered lid

Draw a circle on the wrong side of the patterned fabric, about 1 inch around the lid circumference. Here is the trick – – for tall rimmed lids like the one pictured, you need a bigger circle because the sides of the lid will be larger. Make little cuts around the circle to help folding around the turns. Cut the solid fabric the same size as the top of the lid. Spray the adhesive on lid top, and place solid fabric on now-sticky surface. The purpose of this solid fabric is to prevent the lid cover from showing through the patterned fabric. Fabric liner to hid lid graphics

Now spray the solid fabric with adhesive, and place patterned fabric on top. Hot glue edges to the inside of the lid. That’s it! I’m going to make fabric topped jars for my sewing room, and for the kids’ rooms now too. I also might put cotton swabs and balls in a fabric covered jar and place in the bathroom. Lots of possibilities.

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