Dehydrated Orange Bites
January 20, 2013
Dehydrated Oranges

Do you remember that gum that when you bit into the center, juice popped into your mouth? I found a healthy way to recreate that fun sensation with this healthy snack.

We love oranges, but they are messy and sticky to pack in lunches unless you buy the Cuties. I got a four pound bag of oranges for $1.49 and thought I would play around with dehydrating some, just for fun.  I cut the rind off the orange, and sectioned the fruit. I then cut each little section in half. I thought it would dry faster this way.  After about 6 hours the girls and I tried the oranges. Not at all sticky on the outside, and when we bit into them, POP! A burst of orange juice came of the center.

No mess, all bagged up and ready to go!

No mess, all bagged up and ready to go!

I continued to dry some more, just to see, but you don’t want to over dry them I found, because the outside gets too crunchy and the center gives less juice. Play around with the time because orange sections are different sizes. Keep checking until you get your desired result. Because these oranges are not totally dry, they must be stored in the refrigerator. This is not a snack for long-term storage, but they are so good, you probably wouldn’t be able to keep them around that long anyway.


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