Dehydrated Banana Chips
February 21, 2016
Dehydrating Bananas

Making your own dehydrated fruit as opposed to buying, is a big money, and calorie saver. Store bought dehydrated fruit is often coated with sugar, and the bananas, well they actually fry those. I never add sugar to my dehydrated fruit, and I certainly don’t fry my bananas before drying. Dehydrating bananas is quick, and easy.

First, peel and slice your bananas. Try and make even slices so they dry at the same rate. Then just lay them on your dehydrating trays, and set the temperature to 135. Mine took about 6 hours to dehydrate, but much if it depends on which dehydrator you use, and thickness of your bananas.


Dehydrate until you can tear the bananas in half. The bananas will get more firm as they cool.


Wait until bananas go on sale, and grab several bunches. Aldi has been selling bananas lately for 29 cents a pound. Sometimes I can get bananas even cheaper than Aldi at the farmers market bulk section. With my dehydrated bananas, I make something called “Gone Bananas Mix,” which is made of dehydrated bananas, chocolate chips, and peanuts. I also put them in trail mix. It’s funny, but I don’t like bananas much, but I do like them dehydrated. They almost taste like ice cream. Try these dehydrated bananas, and you’ll go ape!


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