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I always loved doing crafts as a little girl, and since there weren’t video games or cable, we found ways to entertain ourselves. My Aunt Gloria taught me some basic knitting. My cousin Jenny and I would knit little blankets for our Barbies and these tiny little Christmas mouse figurines. I love knitting! Unfortunately, my skill set needs help.

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DIY Oven Mitt

mitt finish


My oven mitts are getting pretty scary. I burned myself with one the other day, as the thumb portion is worn through. I could go out and buy one, but I have a bunch of scrap fabric, so why not just make a new oven mitt? I love strawberries, and always wanted a strawberry kitchen. I had leftover fabric with a strawberry print I used, and you might see me wearing a skirt with this fabric as well.

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Amy Butler Purse Amy Butler Purse Embroidery

I am so excited about my success in making this cute bag. I get so proud when a sewing project turns out, because sewing instructions have never been easy for me to understand. In fact, I was so proud, that right after leaving my sewing room, I made up an errand so I could show off my purse. Katelyn needed a white dress. I mean, she did, but not that minute.

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Wrong needle causes hole in shirt

This post is for brand-new sewists for learning purposes, and for experienced sewists to have something to laugh about — my ridiculous misadventures in teaching myself to sew.

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Homemade Stick Horse

Birthday parties today are not what they used to be. My little cousin went to a birthday party where the kids got on a pirate ship and sailed around the Chesapeake. My daughter went to a birthday party at a bounce house place, and the dad was literally passing out dollar bills left and right for the kids to enter a simulated tornado. I’m not knocking it — it’s great fun for the kids, and if you don’t mind spending the money, go for it. I’m more into frugal fun, like the Cowgirl Campout party I threw for  my daughter. Here is an idea for those on a budget – – you can have a cool party for your kids too, and without the price tag. Kids don’t know, and don’t care, how much you spend.

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