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Tips for Family Hiking


We bought a camper last year, and have been doing more hiking at home, and away. We were going to a beautiful park with a fabulous hiking trail, but my kids just weren’t into it. So, we took them to another park, with a lake and bridges and hiked a trail. Again, lovely. But both girls complained they were tired, and bored. How can they be bored? The trails we took them to were interesting, serene and relaxing. We discovered it’s the serene and relaxing which bores them – – they want excitement. They want to climb on big boulders, jump over creeks, and scale the sides of mountains. Who knew a harder hike is what they were after. My friend Scott, who is an avid hiker, did tell me that kids need a reward for all that hiking – – like a waterfall or some kind of ta-da! He was right.

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Making Family Dinner Happen


Having family meals is really important to me, and I schedule our lives around it. Homeschooling makes it easier, because I can schedule athletics, music and art during the day. We have church on Wednesday nights, but I still make sure dinner is on the table by 5:15 sharp, so we can eat as family before church. But I’ve also cut out, or choose not to participate in things, which take us away from the dinner table. I made a conscience decision to make family dinners happen.

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don't be picky

If your children are “good eaters” you might have heard, “You are SO lucky your kids aren’t picky.” For those of us with non-picky kids, we know this isn’t about luck, it’s about commitment, creativity, and enduring frustration. But in the end, it pays off big, for you and your kids. And believe it or not, you can have fun along the way.

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I love Facebook because I get to see my friends’ adventures and stay connected with them, see my friends’ beautiful families, receive news alerts, recipes, devotionals, and inspirational articles. I also enjoy sharing silly things my kids do, post pictures, asking for advice, and occasionally sparking a debate or two. As a stay-at-home mom, it gives me an outlet to “visit” with other adults at different points in the day.

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“Prepping” is a word hot in our culture right now. There is an inclination that food storage, elaborate first aid kits, and other means of preparing, is an indication someone is awaiting Doomsday. The truth is, for decades women would prepare for her family’s needs before the need came about. It’s a way to love your family, while being a good steward of your family’s income. Basically, the only new thing about it is the stigma.

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