Buying Bulk in Small Batches
March 20, 2016
Buying Bulk Produce

How do you buy bulk in small batches? Isn’t that an oxymoron? There are a couple of ways to get food at bulk prices without committing to large amounts at one time . . . and here’s how.

Last week, Aldi had strawberries for 99 cents a pound, and because I’ve been out of strawberries for quite some time, I need to stock up. I was getting ready to bake cupcakes for a church lock-in, so I knew my time was limited, but I had a plan. While I ended up buying 16 pounds, I only bought 8 pounds at a time. The first flat I bought was headed for the freezer and my family’s stomachs. The second flat was divided between the dehydrator, freezer, and my family’s stomachs. I wanted 16 pounds of strawberries, but I knew I couldn’t process them all at once, so I bought them in two batches while still getting them for 99 cents a pound.

The strawberries are just an example of how you can buy a bulk amount of produce within the sale time frame, but not all at once. This prevents you from rushing around, trying to process everything within a couple days to prevent spoilage.

Another way to buy food for bulk prices, but in smaller amounts, is to split the food into portions with friends. For instance, I buy my oats in 50 pound bags, so before the purchase, I pre-sell portions of the oats to friends. I also do this with meats, dried beans, and even quinoa. My friends like this, because I do the shopping, and they just buy directly from me. We all get the food at rock bottom prices, without committing to enormous amounts.

If you want to buy in bulk to save money, but aren’t sure how to employ it all, read this post on how to use bulk produce. If you have any questions on using bulk produce, please post on Preserved Home’s Facebook page, and I will be glad to answer your questions.

When it comes to stocking up, don’t be intimidated, just start small, and save big.


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