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Amy Butler Birdie Sling Pattern Review

Amy Butler Purse Amy Butler Purse Embroidery

I am so excited about my success in making this cute bag. I get so proud when a sewing project turns out, because sewing instructions have never been easy for me to understand. In fact, I was so proud, that right after leaving my sewing room, I made up an errand so I could show off my purse. Katelyn needed a white dress. I mean, she did, but not that minute.

I headed to Target and grabbed myself a cart. Normally, I would carelessly plop my purse in the front of the cart, but not today. No, today I perched that purse on my shoulder, knocking my hip out a little to make the purse more noticeable. I was waiting for the moment, my moment of glory, as another woman would eye this purse, and as her eyes widen, so would her mouth, which would gush inquiries of where I purchased such a beauty. I was going to be the envy of all the women at Target. But, my dreams didn’t come true. Maybe I should have rolled my cart and pranced my purse in a more fashion-conscious area of the store, such as the women’s clothing, or jewelry. I was mainly in the little girls’ clothing section (trying to find that white dress) and the cleaning section. I need a new mop.  So, I headed to the check-out counter, which was my last chance of glory. I finally removed the purse from my shoulder and placed my treasure in the seat section of the cart. Huummm . ..  I didn’t trim the embroidery well enough. No matter, I’ll turn it around to the more tidy-trimmed side. Surely, someone will come up behind me. As I look over my shoulder, nothing. It’s my turn at the check-out, so I put my mop on the conveyer belt, and took my purse out and gently placed it on the highest counter. Is the lady behind me blind? Maybe she just has no fashion sense? Humph. Since I didn’t find what I needed at Target, I’ll be out shopping for that white dress again tomorrow. Maybe the shoppers of Old Navy will have better taste.

This bag is good for a semi-novice. I consider this to be easy, but not a first-time project. The Birdie Sling has nice, deep pockets perfect for your cell phone and keys, which easily get lost in this rather large bag. Amy Butler Purse Pockets My husband asked, “Why do you need such a big purse?” His question was answered when I ended up shoving my daughter’s uniform in my purse when she was changing for a meeting. Don’t-cha know moms need to be able to carry everything? If you are looking for the pattern, you can buy it here.

This pattern is not really hard to make, just a little labor-intensive because of all the interfacing. Here are some things to know when making this bag:

* Step number 6 is wrong.  The illustration instructs you to sew the band to the main fabrics upside down. See the correction here on the Amy Butler website.

* When sewing bulky areas with several layers of interfacing and fabric, use a needle suitable for denim.

* When fusing the interfacing to the fabric, use the steam setting.

* I didn’t make the gussies. I was afraid to ruining the bag, as I had already embroidered my initials upside down by accident, and didn’t want to make a third trip to the fabric store.

* I didn’t use interfacing for the lining or exterior fabric. I felt like interfacing would compromise the drape of the bag.

* A magnetic snap would have been a nice touch, but I was just too lazy. Maybe next time.





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  • Gloria June 27, 2013, 1:29 PM

    Love it! Love the funny commentary! That bag looks so useful, but I can see it was a lot of work.

  • Laura Macklem June 27, 2013, 1:35 PM

    Thank you! The work is mainly in the cutting, ironing, interfacing. As you know, the work in sewing is not done at the machine, but in the prep. Next time it won’t take me as long because I understand the pattern. I want to make a smaller purse for the winter. I love Amy Butler patterns!

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