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A Few New Fall Products!

A few announcements! First, Preserved Home is now on Instagram! Follow me  for some behind the scenes action, and for special buys not advertised on Etsy!

The personalized pumpkins have been very popular! I’ve made about 20 pumpkins, from small to large! The large pumpkins are ridiculously expensive to ship ($16) but the small ones are very reasonable. I’ll be adding more to my Etsy shop, but please contact me at lauram7@gmail.com for a personalized pumpkin. I can do monograms, Disney, and more! Here are a few I’ve done:

I’m also working away on napkins and placemats for your holiday table! I’m still sewing away, but will be adding more to my Etsy store this week. There is one unusual harvest fabric I bought, which is a shade of blue, with brown prints. It’s the first fall fabric I’ve seen to have that main color.

I love this one, with mums. I only have four of these, but it’s nice for your every day fall table.

I have also been putting designs, including monograms, on napkins.

I’ve been getting orders for cloth cocktail napkins, which makes for a great hostess gift as well!

Is there something special I can make for you? Just Email me at lauram7@gmail.com if you have a special order, or visit Preserved Home’s Etsy Shop!


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