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Sweet Potato Powder

Sweet Potato Powder

In the picture above are 6 pounds of sweet potatoes in the jar. Six pounds. Can you believe it? When sweet potatoes went on sale for 89 cents for 3 pounds, I had to do something. First I made sweet potato chips, but I wanted to store some of these potatoes for longer term. My freezer is getting rather tight, so it was time to get creative. What can you do with sweet potato powder? Reconstitute the powder into a puree and use it for pie, biscuits, sweet potato casserole, soups or just a a side dish. I made sweet potato/black bean burritos with sweet potato puree. This powder reconstitutes beautifully, and you would never know it was once a powder. It’s like a miracle.

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Dehydrated Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potatoes were on sale for 89 cents per three pound bag, so naturally I had to buy several. However, I only bought four bags because I know they will go on sale for probably even cheaper in the fall, so I didn’t want to go wild. Twelve pounds seemed enough for now.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken has the best coleslaw you can buy. The thing is, KFC is so expensive, even though carrots and cabbage are inexpensive. For some reason, coleslaw everywhere else has big pieces of cabbage in a runny, tasteless dressing. I honestly think the average restaurant coleslaw tastes like dish water. And although their coleslaw is inexpensive to make (or buy in those giant tubs), and the fact that it’s gross tasting, it’s always in a tiny cup. It’s like their coleslaw is such a treasure to be rationed. They treat it like a delicacy, declaring it as a side dish, only to give you two tablespoons. I made a delicious KFC knock-off version. And I should mention it’s easy.

With coleslaw, texture is everything.


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Microwave Potato Chips


I can’t believe this recipe actually worked. Who knew you could make potato chips in the microwave? With St. Patrick’s day in our near future, you can expect some killer deals on potatoes. You should stock up and dehydrate some, and also try these chips.

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