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Canning Ground Beef


Some of my favorite home canned convenience foods are ground beef, turkey and chicken. People tell me they are too afraid of killing someone to can meat. I inform these cautious canners death is just as certain from an improperly canned slice of carrot. More people get sick on packaged foods and grocery store produce than home canned goods. You almost never hear of home canned goods causing illness. You just have to follow instructions, like you would cooking with any method.

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Canning Pineapple Chunks


I love Aldi. In fact, I haven’t been to the farmers market in almost 2 months because I’m getting such good deals at Aldi. It’s been awhile since pineapples have been 99 cents each, so I had to stock up. I dehydrated four pineapples, made 5 pints of crushed pineapple, and canned several quarts of pineapple chunks. I actually have 4 more to dehydrate – – I put them in the fridge to slow ripening until I returned from a camping trip.

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Canning Lemonade Concentrate


When I was younger, I always thought of lemons as a summer fruit. Maybe it’s lemonade to blame, since it’s typically pegged as a summer beverage.  But lemons are indeed a winter fruit, and I like to stock up when produce is in season. Each winter I make gobs of dehydrated lemons for the year, since I use them in my water every day. I was running low, and was hoping for a good price. I ended up with a 44 pound box for $10. With 44 pounds, I could surely get my year’s supply of dehydrated lemons, and extra for experimenting.

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I accidentally bought 67.5 pounds of cabbage. A vendor showed me a giant box of cabbage and told me it was $10, and looking at the enormity of the box, clearly it was a good deal. I didn’t know the exact calculation until I hauled it home, weighed the cabbage, and realized I had only paid 14 cents a pound. I was exited about the deal, but then I looked at all that cabbage, and realized that was my life for the next two days. My first go to in putting up this bounty was sauerkraut.

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One of the most fun things to pressure can, is soup. The tricky part is, unlike stove top soup, you can’t adjust seasonings while simmering, because it cooks while canning. Although, in my first attempts at soup canning, I pre-cooked the dish, then canned it, but the result was a flat, almost sour tasting soup. Then, I saw on the Internet the concept of “layered” soups, where you stack raw vegetables and either cooked, or raw meat, in a jar, then allowed the pressure canner to do the cooking. But these soups used water and no seasonings, and that wouldn’t do. I played around with the concept myself, and think I’ve got a solid contender worthy of your leftover turkey.

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