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Well, it seems beans have knocked chicken off the number one spot of being the easiest things I’ve ever canned. The only thing that makes canning beans easier, is you don’t have to deal with messy, raw chicken. You just wash dried beans, pour them in jars, add salt, secure the lids/rings, and plop them in the canner.

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“Prepping” is a word hot in our culture right now. There is an inclination that food storage, elaborate first aid kits, and other means of preparing, is an indication someone is awaiting Doomsday. The truth is, for decades women would prepare for her family’s needs before the need came about. It’s a way to love your family, while being a good steward of your family’s income. Basically, the only new thing about it is the stigma.

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Home Canned Pork and Beans


I have a recipe called “Laura’s Famous Baked Beans.” It’s named after me, by me, because they are outrageously awesome and everyone loves them. Ok, that might not have come out right – – I’m not saying the beans are named after me because I am personally outrageously awesome and everyone loves me. I meant the recipe.

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Canning Chicken


When boneless chicken breasts go on sale for $1.79 a pound, I’ve been known to buy 30 pounds. It may sound crazy, but it’s just good home economics. I do many different things with this chicken – – I freeze uncooked in a variety of marinades, I grill and freeze, and I make shredded chicken burritos as a make-ahead meal. My latest discovery in using my sale chicken is canning.

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Blackberry Applesauce


I bought 77 pounds of apples recently for a bargain at the farmers market. You might wonder what a family of four could ever do with 77 pounds of apples. Witness the yield of  only 30 pounds of the apples I purchased:


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