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Welcome to my round-up of things you should know from Preserved Home! First, I am offering free shipping on placemats and napkins through October. I’m adding new patterns every week, so keep an eye out. Besides dinner napkins, I also make cloth cocktail napkins, which also make a fun hostess gift. Another hostess gift idea is a small monogrammed pumpkin. I am selling the 6.5 inch personalized pumpkins for $12. Perfect for your Thanksgiving hostess!

I just started adding Christmas items. Here is one of my favorite patterns! 

I also started selling pillow covers. Here is one I just posted!  

Today, I’m working on a white pillow, with a red foil Christmas design. I’m having way too much fun in my workshop! Here are some other patterns you will see in my shop soon.

Preserved Home is on Instagram, so follow me here!

In case you missed this recipe on my blog, I wanted to give a link for a delicious fall breakfast – – Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal!

Soon, I’ll be offering a different special, but to Preserved Home readers only. Stay tuned!


I had been in a recipe rut, just making the same things over and over. Starting my Etsy shop has been pure joy, but keeping house, homeschooling, cooking, and building inventory for a shop all together, is a big job. I have been so distracted, even meal planning slipped, and when that happens, you end up ordering take out more, and paying full price for groceries.

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A Few New Fall Products!

A few announcements! First, Preserved Home is now on Instagram! Follow me  for some behind the scenes action, and for special buys not advertised on Etsy!

The personalized pumpkins have been very popular! I’ve made about 20 pumpkins, from small to large! The large pumpkins are ridiculously expensive to ship ($16) but the small ones are very reasonable. I’ll be adding more to my Etsy shop, but please contact me at lauram7@gmail.com for a personalized pumpkin. I can do monograms, Disney, and more! Here are a few I’ve done:

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Smashed Potato Salad

Have you ever boiled potatoes for potato salad, and overcooked them? With the kind of potato salad I make during the holidays, it would completely ruin my salad. For my holiday potato salad, I need firm (but not hard) potatoes. If you do overcook your potatoes, I have a perfect recipe for you – – smashed potato salad.

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I really, really love vegetables, especially when they are sauteed in an Asian sauce. I typically make stir fried rice, and go very heavy on the vegetables. I wanted to try the vegetables alone though, and with a sauce, serving white rice and chicken on the side. A good stir fry sauce is key, but for the freshest taste possible, I wanted to make one myself. It’s also less expensive.

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