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Make This Cute Valentine’s Tea Towel

towel heart

I am trying to get more festive with the minor holidays, such as Valentine’s Day. Kids love to celebrate, and I really want to make things special for my little girls. And since we homeschool, we are home a lot, so making our space cozy goes a long way. This year I’m stepping it up for Valentine’s Day, and decided a pretty tea towel for the oven handle would be just the thing.

My first thought before making anything revolves around price. I bought the light pink tea towel at a discount store for $2.99. It’s a nice, plush towel, able to stand up to embellishments. I did use my embroidery machine, and my serger to speed things up. But, you certainly don’t need these fun sewing toys to make this towel, it just take a little more effort.

First, gather your supplies:

Plush tea towel, washed and dried
Thread, your choice of color
Rick Rack

towel supplies

I obviously used an embroidery machine, but if you don’t have one, cut out the shape you want, and sew around the boarder with a zig zag stitch.

towel machine

If you are new to your embroidery machine, you might not know that a water soluble, clear stabilizer is a must with terry cloth, or your design will be sunk in the terry. I learned the hard way, which is how I seem to learn everything in life.

Next, sew your rick rack on the towel. I used the same colored thread has my rick rack.

towel rickrack

Now it’s time to make the ruffle.  I cut the fabric, which should be about a half inch longer than twice the length of the towel edge, and serged all sides. You would hem your sides using a regular machine. Set your machine to a basting stitch setting. Sew from one end to the middle, and once you reach this point, do not backstitch. Pull thread until you have some length, and cut.

towel string

One-half inch past the last stitch, start sewing without a backstitch, and sew to the end, and backstitch. To gather, gently pull the thread, and use your thumb to push the gather away from the gathering thread. Do this on each side. After the ruffle is complete, sew to bottom of the towel. Proceed to hang pretty towel on your oven and enjoy!

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  • Beth @ My Destiny January 22, 2014, 8:31 PM

    That is adorable Laura!

  • One Blessed Mamma January 23, 2014, 10:01 PM

    Very pretty. My next sewing project is not nearly so decorative- I have to make a curtain cover-up thingie for our fireplace which is just a huge conduit for cold air to enter our house, even with the glass doors closed. Since it’s not our house to mess with, sewing something to go over it seems the best option…but your project looks cuter :-).

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