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Family Conversation Heart Valentine’s Decoration

heart craft


I love Pinterest, because it’s full of fun ideas to make your house cozy. I saw this idea on Pinterest, but when I went to click the link, it said “Suspicious Link,” so I bailed. I just saw the picture and figured it out. Isn’t it cute? I think it’s nice for kids to see symbols of family unity and love around the house. It reminds them how much they are loved.

I bought wooden hearts at the craft store for 79 cents each, plus I got 25 percent off. I brought the hearts home, and started painting them, using four different colors reminiscent of conversation hearts. As I was painting, I flashed back to 1980-something when I took a tole painting class, and remembered before painting you should sand the wood, and use a tacky cloth to wipe away the wood dust. Too late, because I already started painting. So if you want to do this the “right” way, first sand, and make sure you wipe away the wood dust.

You will need: 4 colors of paint, and black paint
clear top coat
thin-tipped paintbrush, and wide paint brush
4 wooden hearts
sandpaper (optional)
tack cloth (optional)
wide ribbon
glue gun, and glue sticks

Sand and tack cloth wood, if desired. Paint hearts, each a different color.

heart painted

After the first and second coats dry, paint names of your family members, one name per heart.

heart names

After the names dry, apply a clear top coat.

Cut ribbon to desired length. I used pinking sheers to cut the ends of mine so it won’t fray, plus it looks pretty. Lay hearts down the length of the ribbon, and hot glue hearts to ribbon. Make a pretty bow with more ribbon, and glue to top. You are done. So cute!


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